KwikFix Benefit Party @ Sochu House | Dec. 28th, 2013 | Phx, Arizona

Rob Kwik

One of my best friends for the past 12 years, and a gentleman I can call my brother, is in need of our support. His cancer is coming back and we want to help raise some money for his upcoming treatments and surgeries. A long-time supporter of the Arizona music screen, Rob is great friend to many – he needs our help!

The venue for this event will be Sochu House (2801 N Central Ave, Phoenix, Arizona 85004) and will be held from 10:30pm to 2:00am. (21+ EVENT THIS TIME AROUND)


The evening will consist of live performances from the following artists:

Sam Groove –

The man behind Arizona’s biggest desert party Dirty Disco, Sam Groove has been rocking dance floors since 2006. Starting out mixing records at house parties and renegade warehouses, he now shares the stage with headlining acts such as Dirtyphonics, Zeds Dead, Rusko, Bro Safari, Laidback Luke, Steve Aoki,and Destructo among many others. Known for playing breaks, Sam has proven his ability to perform and interact with his audience to get crowds wild at any hour of the night. He has set himself apart with his versatile sound and energetic stage presence, and his studio productions have received support from DJ Icey and the breakbeat community around the globe.



MACRODOT consciousness began millions of years ago and many light years away in the area you now call the constellation of Lyra. Eventually this consciousness took bodily form and MACRODOT lived without ego for many lifetimes in this utopian society. But with all light, comes darkness, and eventually his home, his love, and his family were destroyed in the Galactic War. Reincarnating across the span of the universe and searching for the freedom he once had, his journey continued. A haunting stint on the planet Vega followed by the destruction of the utopian planet Maldek greatly amplified the eternal longing that only one form of language can communicate: Music. The MACRODOT consciousness speaks to a yearning for a planet that will once again be remembered. Reawakening… Ego shrinking… Pain subsiding… MACRODOT Music.



Brook B –

Brook B has been an integral part of the underground electronic music movement for over 15 years. His passion for the music shines through his eclectic mix of twisted-dirty-progressive-electro-tech infused music.

Brook B had 6 years of classical training when he was first exposed to electronic music at age 16. He immediately began learning to DJ. He began taking music courses ranging from music history and theory to studio recording and production. This culminated with a year studying music in England.

Brook B’s journey has earned him performances at internationally acclaimed events across the US, UK and Mexico where he has shared a stage with many of the world’s top DJs, including Armin Van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Avicii, John Digweed, Christopher Lawrence, Gareth Emery, Infected Mushroom, Lazy Rich, Fedde Le Grand, Andy Moor, Nick Warren and so many more.







We will also have live art from the following:



Matt Brown

Tickets will be sold online and at the door for $10. Link for online ticket purchases will be posted soon.

There will also be a special drink available at the bar called the KwikFix for which all proceeds will go to our fundraiser.

We will be having a raffle during the event for the live art from Dumperfoo and Matt Brown and many other goodies that will be announced soon.

Be sure to like and share this page to get the word out, and check back often for all the updates. This is going to be an epic night all for an amazing cause! Can’t wait to see you all there.

–The Fix Kwik Team

Adam John | Carbon-13 EP (Free EP)

So, a month or so ago I said something about a free EP…well, now I’m delivering! I decided to give these three tunes away in thanks to the fans out there that continue to support me, even through all the genre changes I go through. I feel like I have A.D.D. when it comes to writing music – I just can’t stay focused on one particular genre. Well, these three tunes are no exception. I suppose the word for this style would be ‘Drumstep’ – but all three tunes have moments where it’s running along like a Drum ‘n’ Bass.

I’m not the best when it comes to describing my tunes, but if you’re familiar with my sound, you’ll recognize the unique take I put on them. Slightly influenced by NeuroFunk, Dubstep, Drum ‘n’ Bass, and Glitch, and still retaining a bit of that dark atmosphere I love to use.

Please help support and share this with your friends, blog, facebook pages, and other social media outlets.

You can download this one at a few places: Bandcamp, Soundcloud, or my labels FTP.

UPDATE: 7/30/12

You can now grab this release for free on!

Buddy System EP Is Here!

Adam John - Buddy System EP

Well, the day has finally arrived! My latest EP featuring, some really good remixes by DJ Hidden, +verb, HavocNdeeD, and TZR + Press is out. I’m stoked to finally get this one out, as we had some delays, but pushing forward we managed to get this one loose into the wild!

Big thanks goes out to the guest artists who created some amazing remixes, and of course, to all the fans who’s support continues to motivate me throughout the years.

You can find it at, and

Check out the clips and promo vid below!

Vermin Street Presents: East Coast Bass (Disc 1 + 2)

One of my favorite bass music labels, Vermin Street, released their newest compilation a few days ago. East Coast Bass, so much bass it had to be released in two separate disks. Fortunately, you don’t actually have to get disks, they are so archaic these days. Simply head on over to and increase the size of your digital collection. Your ears and friends will thank you for lathering their senses with some quality beats.

East Coast Bass Mega Mix

disc one:
1. Bombé – Skyway Throwback
2. DJ Flack – Whatyoumakin
3. Incyde – Impulse
4. Aligning Minds ft. Robert Manos – My Heart is Love
5. Exin – Aquarium
6. DLX – Robot Graffit Wars
7. Encanti – Trickster Equalizer
8. Pericles – DragonFly
9. Dice Motion – I ❤ DM (I Heart DM)
10. Steppo – Cuban Man
11. Taste Tester – Slam Donk
12. Dev79 – You Aint Got
13. Porier ft. Juakali – We Movin Forward

disc two:
1. Vinyl Blight – Dead Giveaway
2. Dr Ew – Bells
3. Kuhn – Nitekrawler
4. LuneCell – Supernova
5. Jzamo and Akasha – Dangerous Eucalyptus
6. Quetzatl – Quetamine
7. Serial Krusher – Mega Minor 3
8. Mr. Jennings and Groove Status – Crunch Sauce
9. Ali Berger – Out Again
10. Atwell Baker – Mafques
11. Sonkin – On Second Thought

Die Antwoord – I Fink U Freeky (FreQ Nasty “FreQy” Remix)

Happy weekend errybody. The bass guru known as FreQ Nasty is giving away a free one this week! A raved out, bass rocking remix of Die Antwoord’s tune “I Fink U Freaky”. Step on over to his soundcloud page and grab your free copy – then been sure to bump it at full blast in your car and scare everyone next to you. 🙂



What’s up internet? Its been awhile since I posted up any of my new music, but here is one I finished up around 2-3 weeks ago and wanted to share. I had fun working on it, its been some time since I dabbled in dnb and I really like how it came out. I’m working on a flip to this at the moment and will hopefully find both tunes a home later this year. Check out the preview below and spread the word! The vocal snippet is Terence McKenna, talking about the approaching singularity, the merging of humans and computers.

Mischief & Mayhem

An old friend of mine from “back-in-the-day” just released a new album, free to download, but donations always appreciated. I’ve been jamming out to it at work today, and I’m lovin’ it. Glitching, dynamic, aggressive, fun, and just plain dope. If you like IDM, glitch, and experimental music, then this album is for you. If you like good music, then this album is for you. If you like to have FUN, then this album is for you.

Grab it all at:

IamTrip – As It Was EP

While digging through emails to see what I may have missed, I cam across this one from Filip Forsström, otherwise known as “IamTrip“. His release, As It Was, is a solid emotional piece of work. Delicate melodies, creative percussion edits and a gentle flow throughout all the songs. For anyone into glitch, idm and dubstep, I recommend you give this one a download – you owe it to yourself.

He also sent over a promo vid, which you can see below. The video work was done by

I’m in love with this 4 track release, and I can’t wait to hear more of what this guy produces in the future.

LU10 Presents: Dubsective – Deception EP

LU10 Records has a new one dropping on Feb 20th on 8bit vibes coupled up with some wild bass drops round out this release from Dubsective. This is the first time I’ve heard of the artist, but I’m diggin some of the sounds on this pack of tunes. Nine total tracks fill out this release, and I have to say, it’s definitely worth your time to check out.

My favorite tune on the release by far is “Clive Is Not Alright” – The bassline reminds me of the darker neuro style dnb basslines I grew to love over the years.

Check out the tunes below and hit up their website and soundcloud for more.

As a bonus, grab this freebie from the label!