BoomBox with ill-esha & ChrisB (2/18/12) | Phoenix, AZ

Coming to town on Feb. 18th is BoomBox with ill-esha & ChrisB!

BoomBox consists of two versatile producers, DJs, songwriters, multi-instrumentalists and longtime friends Russ Randolph and Zion Rock Godchaux. Together they develop an electronic blend of vintage Rock and Blues made to move dance floors while incorporating their signature Backbeat, Psychedelia and Funky House sounds. Applying a multi-track platform, they are free to create their hybrid style on the fly with a rhythm that moves fans and opens them up to Godchaux and Randolph’s overall vision. Derived from the rich musical history of Muscle Shoals, AL, to the psychedelic rock and underground electronic scenes of the west coast, their unique approach can only be achieved by the blending of sound and culture.

For over a decade, ill-esha has been an integral part of the North American electronic scene. Beginning as a vocalist, she soon added MCing and DJing to her repertoire, creating a dynamic and unique live show which has headlined alongside artists such as Andy C, Klute, Dieselboy, Vibesquad, LTJ Bukem, Tipper, T-Power & De La Soul. She has performed across North America, Europe and Asia; in clubs, at festivals, and even on TV shows on MTV Canada and the CBC.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, ChrisB was immersed in Westcoast flavor since day one. Drawn to music and art from an early age, Chris grew up always having an instrument in his hands. Although new to production, his obsessive musical passion is palpable in the deep and sensual soundscapes he meticulously weaves. Boldly exploring vast melodic realms full of hypnotic textures and a heavy dose of emotionally-resonant driving bass, his high energy live performances never fail to inspire each person in the audience. Unlike many of his contemporaries, he is utterly unafraid to toss aside the crutch of ‘brute-force’ sonic assaults and instead relies only on his brilliant melodic compositions. Chris’s sound reflects a developed musicality not often associated with the bulk of contemporary electronic music.


Wow, so it’s 2012 already and I feel completely behind in updating my blog. Well, let me give you some updates on what’s been going on.

First and foremost, I’ve been in a transition of moving and I haven’t had a lot of time to dig through my emails and post up new releases or tunes of my own. School was quite hectic for me last year, and even though I had a 3 week break, I spent it all packing my house and shopping for a new one. I’ve got a temporary place to stay for now, but I’m still in the process of looking for a new home.

School starts up for me in a week, and that is also going to eat into my time to write music and update the blog, but rest assured, I’m putting in work when I get the time!

I do have a release coming out early this year – the goal is to have it out in February. The music is finished, the artwork is complete, and I’m working on a write up for promotion. We are just waiting to get all masters finished up and then sent off to our digital retailers. I’m very excited about this one: It’s called Buddy System, and it features remixes from +verb, HavocNdeeD, DJ Hidden, and TZR + Press. It’s going to be a mix of Dubstep, Glitch-Hop and Drumstep. Some dark, atmospheric vibes and very interesting takes on the ideas from my friends working the remix angles. I’ll have clips up on our Theoretic Records soundcloud soon, and I’ll post up the info when it’s there.

I’m excited about 2012, it’s a new year and new challenges await! Hope you all had a fantastic 2011 and I wish you all a great 2012 (end of the world and all that).

Manu Chao – Por el Suelo (K-lix La Verdolaga Bootleg)

This one came into my inbox the other day, and I found it quite interesting. I don’t understand Spanish, but from the words of the producer, here is what he has to say: “ tells a big story of earth awareness and third world revolution..”

K-Lix is a Guatemalan artist, and I’m diggin’ his style on this glitchy dubstep remix.

Check out there remix below, and grab the download for free.

In Theory Sessions with ill-Legal? | Theoretic Records

We’re starting our Friday off with a hot new mix from ill-Legal?, brought to you by Theoretic Records. This mix is sexy, funky and energetic, and sure to be a welcome addition to your music library..

The mix is the first of the In Theory Sessions – look for more in the future from artists on the label, as well as Arizona locals.

Grab the mix from one of the following links:
Download 1
Download 2

01. Clinton Sparks – Run This City
02. Ben Samples – Wanted Dead or Alive
03. Queen – We Will Rock You ( J Rmx)
04. Nosaj Thing – Coat of Arms (Boreta Rmx)
05. Innit – Tarnival
06. DMG$ – Follow the Leader (Mexicans With Guns Rmx)
07. Lorn – Greatest Silence
08. Jeannie Ortaga – Crowded (Instrumental)
09. Elephant Man vs. Ed O.G. – Haters Want a War/Just Call My Name (Adam John Masher)
10. Ben Samples – Drop Bombs
11. Nasty Ways – Schopwrekka
12. Ango The Merciless – Fuckthat
13. Unknown – Document 74
14. KRS-One – Krush Them
15. King Fantastic – All Black Ying Yang (The Party Song)
16. Minnesota – Original Gangsta
17. Ana Sia – Voodoo Love
18. Runge Kutta & D-Theory – Say What (Original Mix)
19. Omega – DADstep
20. EPROM – Humanoid
21. Wu-Tang Clan – Let’s Get It (Evol Intent Rmx)
22. Stephan Jacobs – Notorious Thugs
23. Rob Sparx – Casino
24. Bird Peterson – Zutopong (Akira Kiteshi VIP)
25. Bare and Messinian – Thugs In The Hood
26. Jammer – Better Than (Lorn Rmx)

ill.Gates & the ill.Methodology

Its been some time since I’ve posted anything up! Blame school, work, the terrible Arizona heat, or just plain laziness, but, I do have some great news to share.

Mr. ill.Gates’ new album, long in the making, is hitting stores on October 3rd. Check out clips of the 18-track album release, including collaborations with Ben Samples, Ana Sia, Mimosa, Datsik, Opiuo, Masia One, Filastine, Dov, D. Schaerf, and more.

To help get the wheels spinning he’s giving away a free track on his website, which you can grab here.

For more info, check the link and listen to samples of the upcoming album.

Rob Sparx | Broke Feat Roqqert/ Try To Remember Feat. Dee (Fent Plates)

Fent Plates’ latest from Rob Sparx is sure to please. Broke Feat. Roqqert is a DEEP dubstep tune with enough soul to fill a canyon. Smooth vocals flow alongside a tight drum groove and some serious chest rattling basslines. This is the type of dub I wish was being played out more in my town. The follow up tune, Try To Remember, is no less spectacular than the former. The vocals from Dee are lovely and elegant as the glide along with the soft pads and melodies. If you need a tune for your ‘love makin’ playlist, look no further than Try To Remember.

One solid release from Rob Sparx and I definitely recommend it. Check the clip below of Broke and be sure to pick this one up at the following locations.

Junodownload | Red Eye Records | Chemical Records | Fent Plates Store

If you like what you hear, check out the Fent Plates facebook fan page.

Yoseph’s Stardust on Vermin Street

Yoseph draws upon influences from all corners of the music spectrum (from Reggaeton to Polka to IDM) and can spin any tale into a fresh, bass driven dancefloor meltdown. 10 years of experience in all sorts of forays have made Yoseph the force he is today. From experiments in rhythm on cassette to his Jungle/IDM catalog as Nvoise, to his toying with pop music formulae and other shenanigans. As Yoseph, the artist has releases on multiple well respected bass music labels, including Monkey Dub Records, Savory Audio and Mambo Records.

The title track of this release, Stardust, starts off with a funky hook of a bassline and stop-on-a-dime beats. After the break, Amens drop from out of nowhere and the souldful union of Old School Jungle with the new school of Dubstep is complete. Ill-Esha’s remix keeps the soul, but substitutes the Amen Breaks for some serious bass manipulation. Tightly programmed filter envelopes test the definition of what you may call a Wobble.

The B-Side of this release, Sugarllama, is every bit as funky and fresh as the flip. Glitches, intricately carved from the salsa rhythms, diced up with fresh beats, sizzling leads and crunchy bass make this tune a midtempo bass fiesta.

Courtesy of Vermin Street, and only found on!