Vermin Street Presents: East Coast Bass (Disc 1 + 2)

One of my favorite bass music labels, Vermin Street, released their newest compilation a few days ago. East Coast Bass, so much bass it had to be released in two separate disks. Fortunately, you don’t actually have to get disks, they are so archaic these days. Simply head on over to and increase the size of your digital collection. Your ears and friends will thank you for lathering their senses with some quality beats.

East Coast Bass Mega Mix

disc one:
1. Bombé – Skyway Throwback
2. DJ Flack – Whatyoumakin
3. Incyde – Impulse
4. Aligning Minds ft. Robert Manos – My Heart is Love
5. Exin – Aquarium
6. DLX – Robot Graffit Wars
7. Encanti – Trickster Equalizer
8. Pericles – DragonFly
9. Dice Motion – I ❤ DM (I Heart DM)
10. Steppo – Cuban Man
11. Taste Tester – Slam Donk
12. Dev79 – You Aint Got
13. Porier ft. Juakali – We Movin Forward

disc two:
1. Vinyl Blight – Dead Giveaway
2. Dr Ew – Bells
3. Kuhn – Nitekrawler
4. LuneCell – Supernova
5. Jzamo and Akasha – Dangerous Eucalyptus
6. Quetzatl – Quetamine
7. Serial Krusher – Mega Minor 3
8. Mr. Jennings and Groove Status – Crunch Sauce
9. Ali Berger – Out Again
10. Atwell Baker – Mafques
11. Sonkin – On Second Thought

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