Available for Purchase

Puzzled on compactmusic [Downtempo, Glitch-Hop] |

Sugarbot EP on DubKraft Records [Downtempo, Glitch, Dubstep]

Hollow on DubKraft Records [dubstep, dark] | junodownload

Moments on Muti Music [glitch-hop, downtempo, idm] | beatport | junodownload

Wallow In Change on Theoretic Records [dubstep] | Addictech Records |

Wander on OneKut by Tuff Love Dubs [dubstep] | |

Devour on Testimonial LP by Filthy Digital [dubstep] |

The Little One on Razor’s Edge by Shift Recordings [dubstep] | |

Prophecy / Undecided on Prophecy by Filthy Digital [dubstep] |

Reflection of Reason on Street Science Vol. II by Shift Recordings [dubstep] |

Torn Inside on Counterpunch E.P. by Shift Recordings [dubstep] |

The Way on Evol Intent [drum and bass, jungle]

Durok on Fear Records [drum and bass, jungle]
vinyl searcher

Foreign Skin on Soothsayer VS Theoretic [drum and bass, jungle]

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