| Forthcoming Releases |

Buddy System \ Vacancy – Theoretic Records

| Releases as Adam John |

Torn InsideCounterpunch (MP3) – Shift Recordings
Reflection of ReasonStreet Science Vol. 2 (MP3) – Shift Recordings
Holding Hands With Death DSL 5.0 (MP3) – Darkstep.org
Winter Screamed Last NightRare Grooves Vol. 1 (MP3) – Zardonic
My LoveRare Grooves Vol. 2 (MP3) – Zardonic
Everything Lost X (MP3) – Darkstep.org
Prophecy / UndecidedProphecy (MP3) – Filthy Digital
The Little OneRazor’s Edge (MP3) – Shift Recordings
DevourTestimonial LP (MP3) – Filthy Digital
WanderOneKut (MP3) – Tuff Love Dubs
Wallow / ChangeWallow In Change (MP3) – Theoretic Records
Tear This Up / Fog / Patient / Fall InMoments EP (MP3) – Muti Music
Omniphonix & Pac D – Last Tears Ft. Orchid (Adam John remix) Binge 2010
HollowAdult Bass Music Vol. 1(MP3) – DubKraft
Sideways Drift / Sugarbot / TumbleweedSugarbot EP (MP3) – DubKraft
PuzzledAisuru One (MP3) – CompactMusic


| Releases as Kid Kryptic |

Awakening (Kid Kryptic Remix)Theoretic Records THR001
DurokFear Records Fear003
Malice Afterthought w/The Enemy – Killing Sheep KSHEEPV001
Eyukon’s MazeTheoretic Records THR004
North BoundMagic Vinyl MP3 MVBP001
The WayEvol Intent Recordings EI008
Dripping With Sin w/The Enemy – Hardline Rekordingz HLINE15
Foreign SkinTheoretic/Soothsayer SSTH001
Mental Anguish (Remix) on DSL4.0 – Darkstep.org MP3 DSL4.0

Tracks appearing on:

DurokVile Techniques (CD) – Killing Sheep Records
Malice AfterthoughtUrban Affliction (CD) – Killing Sheep Records
Mind of InnocenceUrban Affliction (CD) – Killing Sheep Records
Dripping With Sin w/The Enemy – Urban Affliction (CD) – Killing Sheep Records
Scornful BehaviorRare Grooves Vol. 1 (MP3) – Zardonic
Red Light GreenSkullstep Agenda Vol. 1 – Zardonic
Prolific – Assassination (Kid Kryptic Remix)Loyalty Amongst Thieves – Foulplay

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