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Glitch Pressure is a small blog run by myself, Adam John, also known under the alias Kid Kryptic. The main purpose of this blog is to provide information about my music releases, mix promos, and updates on what is going on with my work and projects. I also use this space to help promote local musicians, djs, producers and artists within the Arizona music and art scenes. Additionally, I take time to post up any relevant information about new and established artists in the world wide music scene who write Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Glitch, Hip-Hop, Experimental, or any style of music I’m feeling and wish to spread to the masses. Along with the above, I’ll do my best to post up any information that may help new producers getting started on their musical journey by linking up helpful tutorials on music production and marketing advice.

You can find free tunes I’ve put out under the free music section, mixes in the mixes section, and you can purchase any of my official releases by checking out the shop link. Thanks for visiting my site and I hope you enjoy the music and information I have made available!

If you want a deeper biography of what I have done in the past and what I’m doing in the future, check out my official bio below.

Official Bio: Words by Shilo Urban.

Adam John is a pioneer of deep evolving bass sounds, a skillful producer as well as an advocate of filth in the southwest music scene and a figure of movement in the local electronic arts community. He not only creates slashing beats and wild rhythms for destroying dance floors, but is also committed to supporting fellow artists of similar musical minds through his label Theoretic Records, one of the first drum and bass, dubstep and glitch labels in Arizona.

Perhaps better known by his DnB alias Kid Kryptic, Adam first released his disturbing brand of stuttering stomps on the notorious darkstep/breakcore label Fear Records in 2002. Its success was soon followed by material for Killing Sheep, Hardline, Evol Intent Recordings and the “Get Up” bootleg through Camouflage UK. By founding his own label, Theoretic Records, Adam was then able to promote local talent as well as his own versatile style, keeping the electronic music artists of the area motivated, inspired, and producing dark and disturbing music.

Soon Adam dove into other bass-heavy genres such as dubstep and glitch hop, finding a world of fresh sounds on the more experimental end of the EDM spectrum. Adam currently has releases with a variety of hard-hitting indie labels around the nation, including Muti Music, Tuff Love Dubs, Filthy Digital, Shift Recordings, Darkstep.org, and Zardonic Recordings.

With a new passion for the realm of the glitch and the stomp, Adam now dips his fingers in a myriad of bass-driven genres to create an eclectic, signature sound of bruising forcefulness, haunting chords and lush sonic backdrops. His music fits in well in this world of stuttering beats and explosions of bass, with sawtooth basslines and 8-bit sounds that are hashed together in a slight neurofunk sauce and delivered with an edge that is more hard than hippie..

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