Rob Sparx | Broke Feat Roqqert/ Try To Remember Feat. Dee (Fent Plates)

Fent Plates’ latest from Rob Sparx is sure to please. Broke Feat. Roqqert is a DEEP dubstep tune with enough soul to fill a canyon. Smooth vocals flow alongside a tight drum groove and some serious chest rattling basslines. This is the type of dub I wish was being played out more in my town. The follow up tune, Try To Remember, is no less spectacular than the former. The vocals from Dee are lovely and elegant as the glide along with the soft pads and melodies. If you need a tune for your ‘love makin’ playlist, look no further than Try To Remember.

One solid release from Rob Sparx and I definitely recommend it. Check the clip below of Broke and be sure to pick this one up at the following locations.

Junodownload | Red Eye Records | Chemical Records | Fent Plates Store

If you like what you hear, check out the Fent Plates facebook fan page.

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