Yoseph’s Stardust on Vermin Street

Yoseph draws upon influences from all corners of the music spectrum (from Reggaeton to Polka to IDM) and can spin any tale into a fresh, bass driven dancefloor meltdown. 10 years of experience in all sorts of forays have made Yoseph the force he is today. From experiments in rhythm on cassette to his Jungle/IDM catalog as Nvoise, to his toying with pop music formulae and other shenanigans. As Yoseph, the artist has releases on multiple well respected bass music labels, including Monkey Dub Records, Savory Audio and Mambo Records.

The title track of this release, Stardust, starts off with a funky hook of a bassline and stop-on-a-dime beats. After the break, Amens drop from out of nowhere and the souldful union of Old School Jungle with the new school of Dubstep is complete. Ill-Esha’s remix keeps the soul, but substitutes the Amen Breaks for some serious bass manipulation. Tightly programmed filter envelopes test the definition of what you may call a Wobble.

The B-Side of this release, Sugarllama, is every bit as funky and fresh as the flip. Glitches, intricately carved from the salsa rhythms, diced up with fresh beats, sizzling leads and crunchy bass make this tune a midtempo bass fiesta.

Courtesy of Vermin Street, and only found on Addictech.com!

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