Sound Paintings with Knowa Knowone

Available Now at

Muti’s latest features some sly beats from Knowa Knowone, and it definitely ranks up there as one of my favorite releases for 2011.

Knowa Knowone demonstrates his keen ability to layer subtle compositions over tightly produced beats that leave a welcome space in the mixes. My favorite tune on the release is that aptly named, “Let Me Tell You A Story”. A wonderfully funky drum rhythm surges behind a crisp piano groove and a crunchy, pulsing, bassline. An additional stand out for me is the track, “Ra”, a highly addictive hip-hop tune that is full of energy and beautiful melodies as violins ride through the music with rolling drums and superb vocals.

Here is more on the release from the Muti camp:

On Sound Paintings Middle Eastern vibes, Hip Hop and Gypsy Folk music all become a unique mix of hoppy, earthy beats with glitch and bass thrown on them for good measure, taking a listener to some very friendly places.

Knowa Knowone has been pushing crunky midtempo breaks of all sorts for quite some time, featuring edgy bass driven beats, complex drum programming, strong melodies and vocal performances from some of the most secret lyricist weapons out of Oakland and strongly inspired by classic Underground and Hyphy Hip Hop.
He takes deep strides into this bold new territory with a visionary fusion of the whompy, bass driven sound that is fueling bass culture and tight Hip Hop and Reggae flavors.
With releases on Street Ritual Recordings and Muti Music and previous collaborations with ill.Gates, Mimosa and Sleepyhead, Knowa is no stranger to producing cutting edge beats.

And while you are here, download the free track from Knowa Knowone below, courtesy of Muti Music.

Grab this one today at –


1. The Quari 5:05
2. Naked On Acid 4:36
3. Let Me Tell You A Story 4:15
4. Fire On The Roof 3:57
5. The Quari (Quade Remix) 6:48
6. Ra (the sun) 4:06
7. Ra (the sun) (The Human Experience Remix) 4:32
8. Ra (the sun) (Instrumental) 4:06

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