P.H. Fat – Dinosaur Blood! (Muti Music)

Available now at Addictech.com – http://www.addictech.com/p/74183

“P.H.Fat’s debut album “Dinosaur Blood” is swampy mix of gut-stirring bass and sticky psycho-delic dubby beats overlaid with luscious lyrics, which, when experienced, feels like the musical equivalent of a sweaty bone-crushing hug from a sexy alien from outer space. “Dinosaur Blood” is an aural mind f**k for sure. – http://www.bizcommunity.com

P.H. Fat performed at the Public Enemy show at The Assembly in Cape Town in December 2010 and it marked another big stepping stone for South African rap and perhaps countries like South Africa are providing more space or more of an open ear for Rap & Electronica fusion bands to make their mark. Based on the strength of their dynamic performances while touring, P.H.Fat – “The Big Five ft Fuzzy Slippers” reached top chart positions on South African airways including the no 1 position on MFM`s SA Top 10, as well as play listing on the Tuks Fm. The Video of “The Big Five ft Fuzzy Slippers” has also reached no 2 on MK`s Top 10 Chart. P.H. Fat gives us a taste of attitudes and electronic music fusions that are fueling South African bass culture right now. The music is straight up attitude with big drops and lots of bounce, so get ready for your taste of Dinosaur Blood!

P.H.Fat band info:

P.H.Fat are three maniacs from Cape Town who make Psychedelic-Bass-Rap that smacks hard enough to make you sweat mayonnaise. Their favorite color is green and they sometimes play golf together.
 Narch is the fusion between Hip-Hop and Electronic music. With his distinct sound and cemented style, he has released on Muti Music before and has produced 2 of the tracks for Afrikaans rap sensation “Jack Parow”s, début album. Mike is a downhill skate champ, studying English and Psychology and giving us insight into his mind with his unique deliveries as lyricist.
Disco Izrael was born in the future but travelled to Cape Town 3 years ago in search of futuristic opportunities in music and art. His inspirations are fantasy, rap and hot beats.

01 – Dinosaur Blood 3:54
02 – The Big Five (Feat. Fuzzy Slipperz) 2:13
03 – Freak 4:31
04 – Disco Biscuit 3:39
05 – Origin of the Future 2:51
06 – Fat’s Business 2:36
07 – Space Thug (Feat. Spoek Mathambo) 2:07
09 – Flowers 3:53
10 – Cigarette Fingers 1:27
11 – Welcome to the Ocean 3:57
12 – The Big Five (Feat. Fuzzy Slipperz) – Nesono Remix 6:04
13 – The Big Five (Feat. Fuzzy Slipperz) – Liver Remix 3:52

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