Aisuru One – Benefit Release for Japan

In an effort to help generate donations for Japan relief, Compact Music has put out a new compilation project entitled, Aisuru. The compilation features many great artists including; Mochipet,, Freddy Todd, Akira Kiteshi, Kraddy, plus Arizona locals +verb and myself.

I’m honored to be part of this release and hope you’ll head over to the site and make a donation. All sales will be directly donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society. Full release date is May 31, 2011.

Head over to the Aisuru Bandcamp page to donate and check out previews of the tunes.

“Japan Earthquake and Tsunami donation
Your donation for Japanese Red Cross Society will be utilised to help those affected by the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan.”


1. Mussck – Keep peace in your soul
2. Akira Kiteshi – Shizukana Senshi
3. Bobby Tank – Baybee
4. Freddy Todd – Tastes like cereal
5. +Verb – Sunshine
6. Himuro Yoshiteru – Start of a day
7. Sugarpill – Dead Battery
8. Swede:art – When beauty hurts
9. Nalepa – Lullaby – Kraddy Remix
10. Robot Koch – She wont be there
11. Team EZY – Get me high
12. Adam John – Puzzled
13. JmeJ – Jump, crunk n roll
14. Moldover – Say it
15. Love & Light – Structural Liberation
16. Billy Blacklight – Venus
17. Mochipet – I really dont think we are ok ace
18. Misk – Malarian
19. OL – Sprivetom
20. Moa Pillar – Lakota Thunder
21. DZA – Videoservitude
22. Pixelord – Biorobots

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