DubKraft’s latest MidTempo & UpTempo Releases Vol. 2

Similar to last years compilation, DubKraft comes out again with a new set of MidTempo and UpTempo releases. DubKraft is one of those labels to keep your eyes on, as they feature a variety of tunes in multiple genres of electronic music. The first Volume of Mid and UpTempo releases was killer, and Vol. 2 is another example of quality from our friends overseas.

First up, the MidTempo version! The full release is currently available at DubKraft’s personal online store, so head on over there to get the best deal.

Lokiboi – Deja Vu
Aline Pimp – From Office to Sunshine – HxdB Remix
Archer – Night Train
Datacode – Upstream
Aline Pimp – He Is One Of Us But Who Are We
Ion – Biblical Truth
Kelle – Siberia



Next up in the series, the UpTempo releases – You can grab this one at the DubKraft online store as well.

Cooh – Twins
Es.tereo – G1.9
Getz – Music Squencer
Marginal – Low Down
Nuage – Emotions
Ena – Virus Invasion




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