Thriftworks – ZenZero LP [Street Ritual]

Hitting the airwaves on March 28th comes Thriftworks new LP, ZenZero, brought to you by the crew over at Street Ritual. This releases features an assortment of future flavored hip-hop grooves wrapped up with glitchy edits and 8bit swirls.

In the words of Street Ritual themselves:

“If you enjoy artists such as Freddy Todd, Slugabed, Shigeto, Dabrye, Hudson Mohawke, edIT, Mono/Poly… you might be interested in a brand new artist by the name of Thriftworks. Hailing from the Bay Area by way of Pennsylvania, his sound is a refreshing breath of air in a smoggy and overpolluted bass music landscape. Blending hints of jazz and soul with innovative sampling and resynthesis, Thriftworks walks the line between slap-happy loose and ultra-tight, crisply snapping and deeply grinding. With an undercurrent of that “Bay Area sound”, the tides of Thriftworks’ sounds still rise to the challenge of creating a coherent yet perfectly scattered landscape. Symphonic with a grimy edge, the ZenZero LP is a 20-track journey into an exciting new producer’s dream world.

Thriftworks aka J. Atlas has been a musician for most of his life, playing piano and guitar since his childhood and dabbling with production first in high school. Inspired by psychedelic hip hop and the LA beat scene, he arrived in California in 2008 to study audio engineering.”

Grab one of the bonus tracks at the end of the post and head over to to reserve your order!

FREE BONUS TRACK | Thriftworks – Friend of Time

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