1990 – Mixtape Edit Vol. 1

Self proclaimed instrumentalist beatmaker, Moses Abrego, known to most as 1990, recently released his latest EP, Mixtape Edit Vol. 1. This San Jose, California producer just moved out to the deserts of Arizona and hit me up with an email regarding the new release. Downtempo style beats with scattered bits of 8bit sounds all molded together in a lovely hip-hop flavor round out this eight track EP. After a good listen, I must say this comes in just in time for the wonderful month of love and sappiness we know as February.

Did I mention this release is free? We all know how much people love free music, and if you’re in need of a good soundtrack to cuddle up to with that lady or man in your life, this will fit the mood perfectly. Head over to 1990’s bandcamp page and grab the free download. While you’re at it, send him a message and let him know how much you dig the music. I’m looking forward to hearing more from our new friend in Arizona.

Check out some samples of the EP below.




Links of interest:
1990 on SoundCloud
1990 on Twitter
1990 on Myspace
1990 on Facebook
1990 on tumblr.com

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