New Blood of Dubstep – Vol 1 (Play Me 2)

The second label from Play Me Records, Play Me 2, comes soaring out of the gates with a fresh new release, New Blood of Dubstep: Vol. 1, featuring some hot new talent hitting the scene. One of these new artists happens to be a veteran of the Arizona DJ circuit, Quentin Hiatus. I’ve long been a fan of this young mans talent behind the decks and have had the pleasure to share the stage with him during the many events I’ve played throughout the state. I was very stoked to see he has a tune out on the release, Live Lite, featuring the remix pressure by none other than, Turnstyle.

This killer album from Play Me 2 features over 15 artists ready to shatter some chest plates with sub heavy bass and snapping drums. Currently available at, head on over and scoop up the tunes and show some love for an Arizona veteran getting his feet wet with a solid dubstep release.

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