Glitch.FM – Annual Show Seek is doing it’s annual hunt for new shows to put on the station. Below is the press release with all relevant information. If your a DJ, and you’ve got the skills and want to have your own show, check all the details below and get busy!

We’re ramping up on our annual call for shows for the ever-growing and beautifully-expanding Glitch.FM (

Our core mission: To promote and grow media (which is mainly, but not limited to, music) that exploits technology for artistic gain.

Here’s what we’re looking for/the requirements:

* Shows must be live-broadcast (We can help you get set up for this)

* Shows do not have to be all dj/live-set/mixed. You can pitch to do a talk-show, chart-countdowns, multi-format, etc

* We strongly prefer live 2-hour weeklies (bit of a commitment, we know, but it’s best for developing a dedicated listener-base an momentum!)

* You can otherwise do a 2-hour bi-monthly

AND NOW (here’s the kicker)

*You can apply to be granted access to just hijack free/unused air-time (IE: you cannot infringe on scheduled shows). We are opening the floor to this in hopes you’ll find yourself playing more often than you think, in which case you might as well just apply for a scheduled show :P.

If you’re interested, pop on over to Our Contact Form ( to apply! Please read the directions (IE: Supply a demo mix!)

Why you should consider applying!
– It’s a great and supportive community (not to mention you’ll probably see some familiar faces from GHF)
– It can be an excellent platform for marketing yourself as a DJ and/or artist.
– It’s an awesome networking experience. Through Glitch.FM, DJs have gotten bookings, met collaborators, have obtained press access at festivals, etc.
– It can be YOUR platform: Glitch.FM is a registered not-for-profit with pending 501(c)3 paper-work, and is meant to be a community station, first and foremost. We do not exist to make money, but rather we exist for the pure fun of watching things grow: and that includes you and how you play a role at the station. You can simply utilize air-time, but we are also typically supportive if you want to approach us about using the brand itself in other ways: be it throwing events, taking part in station development, playing around with guerilla marketing techniques, etc

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