J.me.J – Final Approach EP – Street Ritual

J.me.J drops a new one! Available at Addictech.com

TITLE: Final Approach EP
LABEL: Street Ritual
CAT-NO: SR-009
FORMAT: Digital
RELEASE DATE: 12/20/2010
Mastered by: T-Power
Cover Art: Winter Studios

Alberta native J.me.J has been the talk of the glitch-hop town this past year with some searing successes on Addictech. Proving his diversity with releases on labels spanning the globe such as Skanky Panky, Theoretic and Tycho, Jayme now graces Street Ritual with an EP showcasing his stylistic range. His trademark clean beats combine with heavy basslines, infectious melodies and meticulous sound design, telling the story of a talented self-taught musician honing his skills for nearly three decades. J.me.J tunes have received recognition from key members of the community like Ooah, Ill Gates and Samples. The title track, “Final Approach” skillfully creates tension with simmering strings, weaving excitement with every perfectly stitched edit. Skittery percussion, well-placed silence and relentless buzzing bass drone you into a higher state with “Impressions”. The wild card on this EP comes with “Uptempo Funk Sticks“, a true testament to Jayme’s diversity with its electro-paced frenetic stabs, hypnotic swells and driving momentum. A fitting finale to a successful year for this artist!

A) Final Approach
B) Impressions
C) Uptempo Funk Sticks

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