Fragile – Bizarro World EP – Shift Recordings (Oct. 26, 2009)

Fragile - Bizarro World EP

Fragile’s “Bizarro World EP” (a follow-up to his single “Unabomber” on SHIFT003 -12″) is a powerful collection of deep and dark dance floor destroyers. Teaming up with Chi on “To the Top” (a rap-infused roller that busts into into full-time drums and wicked percussion) to kick it off in true roughneck fashion. Track 2, “Bizarro World” starts off like a demented carnival on Mars and then just gets weird. A bubbling bassline, eerie Sci-fi samples and intense drum work show off his signature style of raver grenades.

“Dr. Manhattan” intro creeps from sad and solemn to downright scary until it erupts into a ripping bassline that absolutely destroys every time. Definitely a smasher of a tune! Track 4, “This is Spacerock”, (with its undeniably catchy, reverbed vocal melody and mellow intro bass) drops into a devastating bassline that is probably considered felony assault in some areas. Shift is not responsible for any beheadings of any dancefloors as a result of dropping this tune.

Finishing it off proper on track 5 (another collaboration with Chi), “Mammon” is a rising roller with a growling, stabbing bass and haunting vocal samples to bring the EP to a nice smoldering close the only way they know how in Texas… BIG!

Check the audio samples below!

1. “To the Top” (w/ Chi)

2. “Bizarro World”

3. “Dr. Manhattan”

4. “This is Spacerock”

5. “Mammon” (w/ Chi)[/size]

This release will be available at the digi-stores listed below.
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