Filthy Digital – Testimonial LP [FDLP003]

Filthy Digital - Testimonial LP

Filthy Digital’s latest offering is now available and including my dubstep tune, Devour. More great dubstep from the likes of Kelly Dean, Rumblejunkie, Fused Forces, Pure Phase and More! This release is in memory of our friend, Mike ‘Honcho’ Wilson. All proceeds from this LP will be donated to Mike’s family.

RIP Mike..


Cat # FDLP003


1 Fused Forces__The Bends
2 Rumblejunkie__Enforce It
3 Kelly Dean ft. Spoonfed__For Mike
4 Richie August__Gettin’ Sum
5 Pure Phase__Depleted Uranium
6 Adam John__Devour
7 c0ma & mkultra__Jupiter Jazz
8 Caustik__Heavy
9 Alert__Requiem
0 Pure Phase__In The Trees

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