DJ A-tak – Filthy Digital Summer 2009 Promo Mix

DJ A-Tak

Mr. DJ A-tak brings us a dubstep extravaganza of Filthy Digital bassbin monsters. This one is dedicated to Mike Honcho who passed away in June. Mike was the owner and mind behind Filthy Digital…may he rest in peace.

Grab the mix here :

1 Syanide- What is that f*cking racket?
2 Richie August – Hustle Baby
3 Richie August – Get that dough
4 Pandacub/Purephase- Pimpdub
5 Rumblejunkie- Wreck it Down
6 Ceeker feat. Blackheart- Golden Rule
7 Purephase- Lies, Etc
8 Jason Burns- Knuckles
9 Mike Honcho- The Fall
10 Jsuave- Smog Check (hd4000 remix)
11 Syanide- Cutface
12 Downlink – Talk Dubby to me
13 Depone- Frogger
14 Mike Honcho- Toothache
15 Grimace- New Town Badboy
16 Richie August- Body Bump
17 Kelly D and Pawn- Space funk
18 Hot Soap ft. Werd2Jah- Big Toon (vocal edit)
19 Purephase- In the trees
20 R. Demon- Bacteria (HD4000 Remix)

Runtime- 55:53

“Thank you for listening to the Filthy Digital Recordings 2009 Summer mix. This was a project that Mike Honcho and I started and planned on doing a few times a year. The first CD went to print and was distributed all over the US, please check out that mix if you haven’t heard. All of these tunes were released under the Filthy Digital label, which can be found on the links below, we ask if you enjoy this music, please contribute to the artists by purchasing their music.”

“Thanks, Props and appreciation-
We’d like to thank all the Filthy Digital Recording artists, Sub.mission, Re:con Crew, Despise/Byte, (big ups dopelabs),,, Violet Gray, and all of our friends and family for their continued support.”

“This year (2009), tragedy struck and we lost a dear friend and fellow dub-soldier, the founder of Filthy Digital Recordings, Mike Wilson (aka Mike Honcho/Meka-One). This mix is dedicated to him. We miss you. RIP.”

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