Fog Lake

Recently I’ve been spending more time with Ableton (still need to buy version eight) and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. Most likely, I’ll discontinue using Reason as I’m finding Ableton allows me to do so much more. There are still some techniques in reason I like, but I’m not into the sound engine at all. Maybe the new “Record” software will be better.

In any case, I’ve uploaded a new tune called “Fog” that I made entirely in Ableton Live 7. I’ve been meaning to spend more time working on experimental tunes / glitch hop music. Fog, is my most recent adventure back in after working on dubstep for the last 5 months. The E.P. I’m working on will probably feature more sounds along the glitch hop lines, but I also have a dubstep track or two I’ll throw in.

Since the idea of the E.P. is to showcase a change and versatility in my style, I’m trying to build a flow that starts off rather mellow and progresses to something heavier and a bit darker. My moods change constantly and the E.P. will represent that change through my music.

So have a listen to Fog and enjoy! It’s a bit mellow, has some slightly aggressive synths working around moody keys and glitchy drum work. I still haven’t decided if this one is going on the E.P. or not, but I’ll know more as I finish up more work.

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