Get Yo Glitch On..

I’m a big fan of glitch, whether it’s IDM, Dubstep, HipHop, DNB, Experimental – I love it. I’ve come across a couple new sites dedicating themselves to the glitched out styles in music. is a new forum I recently found on the net while doing some fantastic google searching. This should be a nice place to go to get info on new releases, unsigned talent, and free bangers. Head on over and register and check out what the community producers and DJs are posting up for your listening pleasure.

Next up in my search is a new online radio station called – name says it all. Bookmark these two sites and give ’em your attention. If you’re new to glitchhop or idm music, give them a try – you may find yourself in love with a new style of music.

Last but not least, I just recently found this site. I don’t know how old it is, but seems to be a nice spot to fill your underground hiphop needs.

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