Good Times Festival – Flagstaff Arizona – June 13, 2009

Good Times Festival

I wish I had made a post about this sooner! This weekend in beautiful Northern Arizona will be the Good Times Festival, up at Pine Mountain Amphitheater. I’m extremely excited to get out of this heat and enjoy an amazing afternoon / evening of hiphop and digital basslines. I’ll be riding up with a few friends, and hopefully we get a campsite sorted out. We were a little late at getting our shit together, but I have a few friends who are going that already have campsites.

Main headliner, as you can see from the flyer, is Bassnectar. Local crew the Drunken Immortals will be there, my good friend Terra, the Crusher Sound System crew and a whole lot more.

If you are coming through AZ and are up north, try and get to this show. Tickets were $32 pre-sale, I’m no sure how much they will be at the gates. Doors open at 12pm, but I won’t even be heading up till sometime early Saturday morning. If you’re up there, say hi!

One thought on “Good Times Festival – Flagstaff Arizona – June 13, 2009

  1. What a great time the Good Times was. I hope Flagstaff has us back next year or maybe we can get it back to the roots and have it in Jerome again. Thanks to all that came out!

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