SSDARK001 – Niskala “Unsound / Upheavel”


Soothsayer is back at it with some more twisted drum and bass for your ear drums.

The infamous Soothsayer Recordings returns with a new sublabel entitled, tenebrae (darkness in latin).
The trinity is now complete! Along with the mother imprint (Soothsayer) and the ragga jungle sublabel, Dubplatelet, tenebrae will unearth the heaviest and hardest underground sounds. Building on the foundations of the first twelve Soothsayer releases, and the two dubplatelet 12s, tenebrae joins ranks with the intentions of releasing the most virulent and macabre darkness. Look for hard hitting releases from Niskala (Intasound, Vibez, Vampire) and Stranjah (Ren. Hardware, Metalheadz) to kick things off. Hard, Evil Darkstep Bizness!!!

Some of you may’ve heard the sublime stylings of Boston based drum n’ bass phenom, Niskala. If not take note of a brilliant up and coming producer who’s already been released on Dj Bailey’s illustrious Intasound imprint and very shortly on the new Soothsayer Recordings sublabel, Tenebrae. Other releases include appearance on Dj Vapour’s 36 Hertz, Phil Source Direct’s Vampire Records, and Vibez.

Listen to Niskala -“Unsound”

Listen to Niskala-“Upheaval”

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