IDMf003 – Mind Tree (Experimental/Glitch/IDM)

It’s finally here, the anticipated IDMf003 release. There is a good variety of music styles on this one, but for the most part the overall vibe remains rather mellow and chill. Perfect for those long drives and relaxing Sunday mornings.

Glitch Hop, IDM, Experimental DnB, Ambient and a touch of Breakcore round it out – just about everything gets a bit of representation in this massive 17 track compilation. Most of the tunes on this release carry a vibe I’ve heard before and thus wasn’t very ground-breaking. However, this isn’t to say the tunes aren’t good. You can hear the attention to detail displayed in many of the tracks, like Bitbasic’s “Fractal Pants” for example, which reminds me a bit of edIT’s work. I think I’ve heard glitch music so much, it is really hard for me to be overly impressed with it anymore. Bitbasic does it justice, though, as does Sourone with his tune Making Every Promise Empty and tuneboxii with with his piece Feed The Keys. Both tunes are glitched out and arranged well enough to satisfy most critical ears.

Half-way through the release, Dfader brings about an uplifting hip hop inspired piece entitled, What Was Lost Can Never Be Found, and has earned a new fan, namely me. I love hiphop, and I love when it’s done with class. This is one of the stand-outs for me. Soft melodies, steady drums, solid groove, and a blissful atmosphere remind of early mornings watching the sun rise after a long weekend of partying with friends. Another piece on the compilation that caught my ear as an early morning sunrise song, is IG-88’s Planet Parenthood. This song reminds me of waking up in the morning with that special someone at your side. It tends to bring back some nostalgic memories for me and puts a smile on my face. Very soft, light drum work and whispering vocals that delicately grace the music. I’m looking forward to hearing more from this artist.

Next up on my list of stand-out tracks: Jwilson with It Flickers Between The Endless. This is a fantastic track, and probably one of my overall favorites on the compilation. It starts out slow with some sweeping pads and light melodies, but progressively builds up momentum while still retaining the original vibe brought about in the intro. I had this one on auto-repeat for awhile, just absorbing every nuance in the music. Delicate percussion laces through the track while incoming instruments and melodies slowly build their way into the mix. It reminds me of the beginning of a party. Things start out small with just a few people here and there, and slowly it gets moving. More people enter the fray and the night moves on with more energy. At the end of the evening people slowly fade and they go home for the night with great memories – this tune is a splendid example of composition: Subtle intro, strong body and a gentle release. Wonderful arrangement on this song, I can’t wait to hear more from this producer.

Rounding out the end of the compilation are two of my favorite pieces on the entire release. Altered Tensions with Things Change Swifty and Atra Aeterna, When The World Ends. I really liked Altered Tensions piece. It has a good mix of melodies, solid percussion arrangement, atmosphere and synthetic bass. It seems to follow the formula that most of this release retains, which is the mellow vibes. I’m constantly reminded how most of this compilation would be perfect for and “end of the party” playlist. At the tail of this wonderful collection we have Atra Aeterna finishing things off. Again it follows in the vain of the previous tunes. Soft, mellow textures bring this one about in the beginning with a strong piano piece held together by slightly bit-crushed percussion. It’s a wonderful example of how two different styles of music can be merged together into on beautiful song. The strings the come in about half-way through add another level to the scene this song creates in your head. I could see this being a lovers piece, with some sad undertones as though things are changing or uncertain. A fantastic way to end this compilation if you ask me.

Give this one a download – it’s well worth your attention. If i had to rate it on a scale of 5 (5 being the most amazing thing ever), I’d probably give this a solid 3.5, and that is nothing to scoff at!

Overall this release has opened my eyes up to some new, talented emerging artists in the world of electronic music. Take your time with this one, give it your full attention – there is a lot to hear and each piece is filled with such subtle arrangements you’ll find something new each listen.

Track list and download information below.

01: Mosaic Mosaic – Irresolution (Solution)
02: Bitbasic – Fractal Pants
03: Sourone – Making Every Promise Empty
04: Ibunshi – Sipher
05: The Get – The Darkness
06: Permutated – Death Ray Nocturnal
07: Dfader – What Was Lost Can Never Be Found
08: tuneboxii – Feed The Keys
09: Sartre – The Great Elk
10: Son of Akira – Panhandler Interlude
11: Halogen – The Rocketeer
12: Pointblank – Keep Walking
13: Me+You – E Piano
14: IG-88 – Planet Parenthood
15: Jwilson – It Flickers Between The Endless
16: Altered Tensions – Things Change Swiftly
17: Atra Aeterna – When the World Ends


Mastered by: Altered Tensions
Cover art: Mattt and his father
Arranged and Produced by: Fidelium

Copyright Info:
Creative Commons


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