CNN Article: Don’t confuse money with happiness…

I noticed this article on this morning. I’ll be honest, sometimes I am annoyed by the little amount of money I make. However, I have no debt, other than my car, and I get to spend a lot of time working on my music when I’m not doing the daily grind. Am I happy? Yep. Would more money make me happy? Probably. Would I sacrifice time with my friends & family to get more of that money? Probably not. Needless to say, I’m pretty happy. I’m not a famous musician, I don’t tour all over the world, and I don’t make tons of money with my tunes. I have a good time in life though, I’ve met some really cool people through my music, I’ve been able to travel, and hopefully I’ll be doing more of that soon (if i could just get my music out to more people and build that fan base!).

Give this articel by Peter Bregman a read. It’s pretty enlightening and puts life into perspective a bit.

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