Ben Sage – Smash The Empire

This tune is sick. This is my kind of dubstep all the way. There isn’t much to say other than letting the music speak for itself. Deep, dark and mildly aggressive. I’ve been a fan of Ben Sage since his drum and bass days back in 2004 and earlier – Having found some dubstep by this wonderful producer was a plus to my evening.

If you are a current dubstep fan, hopefully you enjoy this one as much as I did. If you’re not a fan, and still on the fence, give this one a listen. No cheese, just pure groove, darkness and mood.

Ben Sage – Smash The Empire

One thought on “Ben Sage – Smash The Empire

  1. Ya I’m feeling this one. I had no idea Ben Sage was doing dubstep now. I love his old dnb tunes, some of my favs were the All About You VIP, Nothing Inside, and Just a Minute. I’ll definately look out for his new stuff. Good find!

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