Rare Grooves Vol 2. – Zardonic Recordings

Zardonic Recordings drops another releases on the masses with Rare Grooves Vol 2. I’m happy to say that I have a track on this one. The details are below.

Following the success of Rare Grooves Vol. 1 we bring you the second installment of the series. YES, it’s finally here my brothers! We bless you with the very RARE GROOVES VOL. 2!!!

If you liked the first volume this is promised to blow your mind. The compilation comes specially mixed by our label founder ZARDONIC (zomg that’s me!), and believe us this is meant to be an absolutely innovative sound experience through the different shades of experimental electronic music. Don’t expect to find the typical beats here, while some of the tracks are based in Drum & Bass or Dubstep genres, the whole thing is probably going to feel like a soundtrack before a dance music album. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this masterpiece, after all, it’s free for all!


1 ZARDONIC ft. JORGE BOSCAN – Editing Nature
2 IBUNSHI – Luminous Two
3 ADAM JOHN – My Love
5 24SEVEN – Lauryl
6 ARJE – Visible Words
7 AKKYA – Entanglement Process
8 SOUL DELAY – My Shadow (138 Mix)
9 NO REQUESTS – The Closer
10 NATHAN RAIN – Stealth Elements
11 INTOCCABILE – I Walk Alone
12 2R – Scared
13 FOX – Angelfish
14 VALIS – 23rd Theme
15 THE THING – Perception Break

High Fi Stream

Low Fi Stream

Download Complete Release


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